Every being has stared at the moon at some point in their life. From the Dinosaurs to Genghis Khan to Albert Einstein. One fixed point in space which has been part of every organism that's ever lived on this planet. amirite?

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Not the people in my basement.

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Ummm... you know there are underwater organisms, yes?

We all just gonna ignore Helen Keller then??

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@We all just gonna ignore Helen Keller then??

She's probably stared up at the sun. Just because she couldn't see it doesn't mean she couldn't feel it.

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Except deep cavern organisms and blind animals / humans

What if I out were a fruit for with a 24 hour life cycle that was hatched on a cloudy day

It's weird to think that despite the moon being constant in the night sky, it's landscape has changed so dramatically over the millennia. And only a few people definitively know what the moon feels like under foot.

Goodbyyyee moonman. 🎵

Actually, glowworms, so checkmate.

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