Even though you are not really speaking, the voice you hear in your head when thinking still requires you to use your tongue to speak, amirite?

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What you are telling us is that you move your mouth when you think. And therefore.....not real bright.

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You know what they say the smartest person in the room will look stupid. Was it the tongue that moves or mini throat contractions? I know they said there's like micro movements we aren't aware of when we are thinking of speaking but I couldn't remember if it was the tongue or throat.

My tongue doesn't move or twitch?

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Watching people's court is fun it's a tonguefest!

I mean, automatically yeah. But it's possible to do it without.

I never use my mouth when thinking or reading, unless I want to sound out some word I haven't seen before. The crazies/drunks that lived near my old place were always talking to themselves, you can't tell if people are nuts now they may be talking on their phone that is crazy toocrs smilie

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