As an individual, not having kids is probably the most impactful way of contributing to reducing pollution on Earth. amirite?

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Or raise children who work to invent and perfect earth-friendly products and technologies. Remember that we will all be dead and it will be their mess to fix and/or deal with going forward.

Only if you are in a third world country, which partake the most in pollution. It also applies to overpopulation: while the global population increases it actually decreases/stagnates in developed regions such as Japan or Europe. That's why they push immigrants into Europe and promote not having european kids, just like what you did.

In Utah people are spitting out 6+ kids and i always say how wasteful it is. Not only that but theres no way youre giving enough attention to each child. Its maddening

Yes we should get our own holiday. Non Breeders Day.
The population has nearly tripled just in my lifetime.
It took from the fall of Rome until Columbus came to the New World
(about 1300 years) to add 200 million to the population.
Now it takes 3
Giving birth should require a licence.

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