Never admit that you're an expert at anything. Tell everyone you're an amateur. That way when you fail nobody is disappointed and when you succeed everyone is impressed. amirite?

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Yeah this works great on job interviews.

"So, we're looking for a person with expert skills."

"Well, I'm an amateur."

"Perfect. You're hired."

Great way to be unemployed as a contractor

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@Great way to be unemployed as a contractor

And get blue balls in the dating scene...

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I think the more nuanced way to phrase this is to not oversell your skills.

I never tell anyone about how good I am at wacking off. And I get the exact opposite result.

A way to say you are good at something without sounding like you are trying to brag or show off.

I am at least competent at what I do.

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Not sure people want to hear that from their doctor

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My exact logic at work!

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