Seeing as it's the law, vehicles shouldn't be able to be driven until the seatbelt is buckled. amirite?

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Then we get into all sorts of trouble with how it determines what needs to be buckled. Weight sensors? What if you're moving and have a bunch of things in the passenger seat? Are children too light to trigger the seatbelt requirement?

Thanks Mom.


car manufactures dont want to admit that their products are the number one killer of young people ... They blame the drivers and call them accidents all while the cars fail to keep us safe which should be their number one concern... instead they sell cars that go faster then the speed limit, cars that are oversized and overweight and safty features that go unused . plus if cars were totally safe we wouldn't need car insurance.
There are too many people who profit off of the dangers of driving to change the law.

This comment is too smart to gain to much support from the dumb masses of people

Cars are also respondible for climate change

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