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which part of government? pelosi and those willing to stand with her care. most educated america cares.

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I keep reading that when the repub congressmen go into rages or misstate the evidence they're doing so for an audience of one - Trump. I disagree. These lying blowhards are showboating and distracting for their own voters back home and for the rest of the idiots still supporting The Liar In Chief.

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People don't care about a president abusing power, violating the law and obstructing justice?
Trump is literally destroying the country and if given another term will do just that.
What he's done so far will take decades to repair.

Absolutely don't care, nor do they care how much this is costing the American taxpayer.

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wanna bet?

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I bet u never wanna leave school

And what should I learn?

You were much smarter as unknowncondition
What happened to ya?

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