America may be just dumb enough to allow Trump to start another war in the Middle East, amirite?

It boggles the mind but Republicans and RW media are already pounding the drums of war over Trump's latest stupidity.
In what is likely to be a re-election stunt Trump just killed the #1 general of Iran, the #! general of Iraq along with a number of civilians. As usual with no discussion no advisers, no knowledge and no consideration of the consequences.
This is the dumbest move Trump has ever made, that we know of, and he's made a shitload of dumb moves Like when he bombed Syria over a fake gas attack.
Now he's sending in more troops to be sure there are plenty of targets that, when attacked, will become the justification for more Americans dying in another endless war.

He insanely accused Obama of trying to start a war in Syria to get re-elected.
It looks like he's taking his own advice.
I could be wrong but I could have sworn he promised to bring the troops home.
The kicker is: Trump's campaign slogan is Promises made, promises kept.

And I'm sure his supporters are behind this 100%.
I can't even imagine what kind of lies you have to tell yourself to keep supporting
this demagogue -in-chief.