Ads are great for porn sites since they give us a chance to turn our volume down if we forgot to. amirite?

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Who is this genius

Tbh they are usually worse than the porn. I've been told

@JayTheDay Tbh they are usually worse than the porn. I've been told

I just remember a time when a clip started with some loud moans. Now i get lucky and hear a jingle or theme before it plays.

" Hey guys! We have a gift for you! You just have to answer a few questions and you'll earn a nice reward!"
While moaning loud as f*ck, hell no.

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Yeah but porn ads are usually more porn. Longest 5 seconds of my life

Pretzeldude16s avatar Pretzeldude16 Yeah You Are 0Reply

Mush better when the video starts with some intro, hate it when it's straight into the moaning and volume is up.

CastleMaddoxs avatar CastleMaddox Yeah You Are 0Reply

"You're not seriously jerking off alone, are you? Hehe."

Phew! Thank god for that ad. I'll just turn it down now and I'll totally be in the clear.

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