If you can't say ASK you are an ignorant person who has never even finished high school. AX is not ask, amirite?

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I'm sorry, but for some people it's HARD to say it properly. If it bothers you, then too bad.

I have mixed feelings on this. On one hand, I think that proper spelling and grammar and pronunciation are important - not in communicating, but in being taken seriously.

The entire point of using words and grammar is to communicate, though. Even if how you say things isn't completely technically correct, getting your point across is ultimately more important. The best argument we have in favor of being "correct" is that being "incorrect" is distracting.

On top of all of this, we'll find that many "incorrect" pronunciations are simply regional or dialectical. A dialect is no less correct than another, just different.

So if you're speaking with people that take "ask" as the only correct pronunciation, you should probably pronounce the word as such if you want to fit in with their language culture. But if the people you're speaking with aren't massive sticklers, who cares?

In a different example, most people won't call you out for using "data" as a singular noun (ie. "the data is/shows") even though "data" is a plural noun (ie. "the data are/show"). But if you're not working with people that know or care about that, then why should you?

It irks me at times when people butcher the language. I think it bugs me more in text probably because it's more obvious. Like then & than, your & you're and than theirs the there's they're .

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I agree strongly. Ax is a damn tool not a verb.

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Just because someone pronounces something different than others doesn't make them uneducated. I pronounce things differently and I find it ridiculous that ignorant people like yourself are so highly judgmental of others.

Can you please tell me what it is like to be so perfect? From what I constantly see all you do is spew hate on this site which is why I chose not to come here anymore.

@Lil_Princess Just because someone pronounces something different than others doesn't make them uneducated. I pronounce things...

It's not a case of different pronunciation. It's language butchery. If you were born in this country you should know how to speak the language. Pronunciation does not require that much effort. How you speak is a reflection on your education.
If you sound like an idiot people assume you are regardless of reality .

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