I am so sick and tired of being subjected to celebrity news about stupid things and emotions. You people are not unique. one such celebrity had to blurb to the world about how she misses her other half.. that even when he goes to take a shower she misses him and lets him know.. really? puleeeeze you're freaking pathetic and needy. get over it. amirite?

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You seem to like being perturbed. (Wondering it there's a name for this condition)

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No one is subjected you to anything. That's your choice.

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@No one is subjected you to anything. That's your choice.

I guess subjected was too strong of a word. I am required to view videos to earn online.. anyway yeah. when ya get annoyed you can click off.. sorry for the thread .. I see I dont gain any brownie points expressing annoyance with stupid celebrity stories. again my apologies.. can we just let this be. thanks!

why are you watching??????????????????????????????????????

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hi anonymous, actually that's a really great question. The reason I am subjected to
watching among a few reasons, is I have an online program that when I watch videos
I earn 2 cents.. pathetic but true. In addition to that when there's literally nothing
decent on television and I end up perusing the channels, often times the gossip shows use these types of stories to broadcast. Outside of that, I guess you enjoy all these stupid non-news worthy stories.. That's fine.. I just find them not worthy of broadcasting. .

again to earn online.. a slow process .. thanks for asking.

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