Genetic engineering could solve the overpopulation problem by extending the time it takes for babies to develop. amirite?

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@yomamascub Condoms

And did they solve the overpopulation problem?

@optsyn And did they solve the overpopulation problem?

Also there's one thing, we are gonna hit a limit where we don't have enough recourses, this the situation takes care of itself

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@optsyn That's called "world hunger."

Thus the situation kills off anyone who does not have access to food

@optsyn That's what the genetics are avoiding.

The thing is, it's predicted that the growth rate of the world population should decline to .05% in 2050 and they predict a probable peak world population around that time, and then we will start to see a decline in world population.

Imagine the poor women who have to be pregnant for 8 years each time. That would suck.

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@cinemassacress Imagine the poor women who have to be pregnant for 8 years each time. That would suck.

Do you want crabby women and a possible resurgence of mainstream sexism, or overpopulation and world hunger? We must choose!

I actually remember something saying that overpopulation isn't that much of a problem as it's expected to curve off around 10billion or smth. The real problem is that with such a big population, we have the sustainable resources needed, but we are not efficient and very wasteful. Thus contributing to all these global problems

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You have not been around a pregnant woman before, at the nine months stage they are ready for it to be over

that would be torcher, women dont like being pregnant, like everything goes wrong. instead of doing a risky genetic engineering problem we should find a better more moral solution. also we're prob going to get to mars faster than genetic engineering gets perfected, we are currently focusing on making space technology

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