It's likely you've walked by a killer at least once in your life. amirite?

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Probably. Also I used to know a person who served in the military.

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Sometimes I look at them in the mirrior.

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Well I mean, war veterans are everywhere so.. yes.

I have killed animals for food, insects because they annoyed me and computers because of incompetence... I am a killer. Fear me.

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I've known two people who have snapped and killed somebody. I would have never guessed based on their personalities.

Does killing in war count? If it does, I know for a fact I've walked by, hung out with and known a lot of killers

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I knew a guy in the early nineties named George who killed his mom . he was a skinny barney fife type guy who was my neighbor. He would get mad at people and yell 'Pearls before swine! Pearls before swine! "

I'm a killer, you know I'm a killer... but did you know I'm a cereal killer? takes bite of cereal

Or ran by, drove by, skied by, flew over, bumped into, sat behind at the movies, etc

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