Girls with fake nails must really struggle wiping their ass, amirite?

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and picking their nose!

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I think you wipe your but wrong if it requires digging. Maybe consider some wet wipes.

They designate one as a shovel and use it to scoop themselves clean

Scratching her ass

Something you wouldn't think about, but putting earrings backs on is a bitch.

how does she get a fucking tampon in with those things?

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You've gotta have some talons for it to be that much of a hinderance... I've had mine done many times, and honestly it's typing on my phone and peeling things that make the nails annoying. I still have the powder dip on my nails, just not the "tips" or any extensions

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Imagine fingering with fake nails, some girls in porn do it but it looks painful as hell


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Some day, some day

Who convinced women fake nails look nice in the first place? They look obnoxious.

Roses are red,
My nails are blue,
Cant wipe my ass,
Till 2022

Or any manual labor

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