When did it become so difficult to adopt a dog? Who are these people that decide who can or cannot adopt? Are not their standards WAY too high? I get it, when it comes to having to be careful, because of unethical people, but personal questions, calling your veterinarians. If you did not fix all your dogs, you are not even given a chance. Never mind if you have proven in many ways that you can be a good owner. I am retired, have a home, fenced yard, lots of time to spend and love a dog, but they have branded me! You are left with breeders or Craigslist. Countless others like me out there also. amirite?

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I had this same experience! You always hear you should go to the shelter and volunteer or adopt and animal. But in reality they are overrun with people trying to volunteer and if you want to adopt you have to get on a list and jump through their hoops and hope they deem you worthy.

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@TimeAmateur I had this same experience! You always hear you should go to the shelter and volunteer or adopt and animal. But in...

Thank you for replying on my post! I am new to this. Have avoided posting anything 'out' there for years. Don't even have a facebook. Just don't trust most of social media. The only reason I finally succumbed to that belief was because of my recent, depressing, awful experience. I can remember years ago, before everything was forced to go online, when you could get 'normal', healthy, decent dogs; like from your work, friends, breeders and years ago, when I was much younger and lived in the West, you could go to what was called the dog pound (nowadays, shelters). Now, everything is completely different. They are FANATICAL in their expectations of possible owners. They get dogs from all over the country, so you don't have much idea of what their background is; many are not healthy, AND, I found out that many dogs are coming from Asian countries now, as 'rescues', when they are really from breeders, and that they harbor some kind of disease that can be very harmful to American dogs. The USDA is looking the other way....Don't know how true this is though..Also, read the book, 'SHOCK TO THE SYSTEM' by Catherine O'Driscoll, to see why I don't believe in doing all the things veterinarians tell you you NEED to do. Hell, Scandinavian countries don't believe in all that spaying and neutering; very harmful. And, if you choose to do it, shouldn't be until at least a YEAR old! It's like doing a hysterectomy on a 12, 13 year old girl! Many shelters do it as young as 2 months! That is criminal.
So, people that don't go along with the propaganda, 'Program' are branded! And you have all these dogs that need homes and all these good people that could give good homes!

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