If something supernatural actually, literally happened to an otherwise ordinary person, everyone would think they were insane regardless. amirite?

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Tbh I've come to view this as a very real possibility once I began to have spiritual awakenings and messages from dream travel. Some things are more real than "this reality", and a lot of science proposes that our consciousness holographically projects a collective accepted "reality" but that there's tons more we don't consciously perceive. With that, who's to say someone with schizophrenia ambling down the street muttering to themselves isn't truly experiencing extra-reality beings that others' minds cannot yet perceive? It might be a disorder because they become less functional in this "dimension" (collective holograph) but maybe their minds are more advanced and border into the above realms?!

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This!!! Omg so much !!!

I love this !

I resemble- I mean relate to- this statement so much!

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MIB wants to know your location?

@Kaysax MIB wants to know your location?

huehuehue ill have you know i'm hiding behind seven proxies

The way people think about you is different depending on the crowd. I sometimes go to the spiritualist church, They are very encouraging of any mssage from beyond, however the group always does a white light ceremony to keep everything safe for all, So if you dont get the type of reactions you like, simply change your audiencemario8 smilie

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