One day you'll be exactly halfway through your life without ever realizing it, amirite?

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Could be reading this at the halfway point, like a live update

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One day you will be 100% through your life and you will probably know about it.

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Hi. Well I'd say my halfway point was when I was 31 and a 1/2 so I got 7 years left. Oh well.. ( no one cares I know I know )

One day you could be waking up on the day of your death and not realize it.

one day you were exactly halfway through your life and you didn't realize it

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Halo announcer: One minute remaining

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Just found out last week... :(

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One day your parents put you down and never picked you back up.

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Could already be past the halfway point and not know it

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One day you'll realize that you're highway to the danger zone, ride into the danger zone.

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Not me, bro. I'm gonna be rocking forever. Forever. Forever.

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There's a day in the future that's your very last day and you will have no idea about it

At 72, I'm pretty sure that shipped sailed a couple of decades ago. (If I should live to be 144, I'll admit I was wrong.) hehe smilie

Any day could be your halfway life day, you could have already passed it.

Been and gone.

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You do if your parents are antivaxxers

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Well yeah cause you won't know it's halfway through your life until you're dead which is already too late.

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