The "gifted" classmates in grade-school, were the kids that had good parents and a stable home environment. amirite?

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I can personally say this isn't true

Not 100% of the time but on average yes they are more likely to succeed.

Not for me, I was "gifted" but my home environment was riddled with fights and other stuff.

More commonly, it's the threat of disownment bc of failure.

Not at all. I have always ranked first since I was a kid, and that wasn't the case for me at all. My parents weren't supportive, they were aggressive, and gave me a horrible childhood. I currently still suffer with them. I literally lost all of my interests and quit all my hobbies because of their criticism. I used to draw, do 3d modeling, write, read A LOT, learn languages, deeply research about astronomy, cosmology, physics, philosophy and psychology. I stopped. Whenever I introduced them to any of my theories or ask them an advanced question they'd think I'm crazy and get all disappointed. I was a legit disappointment because of my intellectualism. A 99.5, would impress anyone, but my parents would only reply to hours of work and sleep deprivation with "okay, good job". Noone would believe that my grades didn't give me the life of an Egyptian pharaoh. Nothing impressed them, and thus I quit all the futile attempts of impressing them. But what's worse than that? Any lil thing done by either of my siblings was pride to them. Amazing how I can rant to literally nobody on amirite, bec I'd still be anonymous, and my parents wouldn't bother reading this. Lol.

@Anthropomorphicfries Not at all. I have always ranked first since I was a kid, and that wasn't the case for me at all. My parents...

They legitimately thought I needed a therapist because science is messing with my head. And now that I do need one because of their actions, they believe I'm just being a spoiled child.

Some kids are still able to do very well in grade school even though they are dealing with immense bs at home. I think the biggest problem is that it wears them down too early in life. By the time they're 18 they are emotionally exhausted. When they should be excited about college & pursuing dreams they really just want to escape & find peace of mind...

Wellllllllllllll you sound a bit salty.

"Everyone is created equal"

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Been in and out if bad foster homes since 2011 and I am for lack of a good word competing with the best in the class. It is your environment that forms you as a person and that does not necessarily apply to things inside your home.

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Based on personal experience, I agree. I had two supportive parents and we didn't have parents who fought and argued all the time.

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