Big Popcorn has brainwashed you to think that popcorn needs to be in their magic bags to turn into their fluffy, decadent product, but it is a lie. Popcorn just does that in the microwave. Put it in a paper bag, it don't even care. amirite?

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buy popcorn seeds, buy a moveable container with small holes on the top, and turn the microwave on.. it's not easy to find bagged popcorn that is plain. it's all butter or extra butter, with that fake yellow stuff on it. I want popcorn in its natural state.

Didn't know. Thanks.

There's no such thing as "big popcorn". The bag helps contain the popcorn from popping all over your microwave and the oils inside help flavor the popcorn as well as heat it evenly.

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I am the head of Big Popcorn.

@Ghostturdz I am the head of Big Popcorn.

You dare show your face in here, Redenbacher?!

@landlevenlover You dare show your face in here, Redenbacher?!

That brand actually sells the loose, dry popcorn in a big jug

implying there is a smol popcorn out there? owo

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Air popper or gtfo.

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