We mostly care for animals that looks "cute" like dogs, cats etc. But we have no mercy in killing "ugly" animals like spiders. amirite?

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Not everyone is like that. Some of use care about all living creatures. Some of use think spiders are cute.

Speaking for myself, I believe everything has as much a right to be here, with the exception to being anything that comes into my home, without my permission, or welcome, as I. Other being things that cause myself or community undo dysfunction or imminent harm. Leave things be whenever possible, as they would me, unless to make it better.

Spiders are not animals.
They are monsters.

Crud I'm in danger

We actually care about the more intelligent animals with the exception of humans..

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I like all animals that are not invading my home. A mouse caught in my place will find itself decapitated, lucky I haven't seen one since I got my new dog. I guess she either gets them or frightened them away.

Dogs won't poison you, as simple as it is.

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