Sleeping is a thing that most people love to do, despite nobody being able to remember the actual act of sleeping. amirite?

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It is a moot point, yes.

@Clinton It is a moot point, yes.

Moot point, eh? I think now's the time I finally looked up the definition of moot.

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'Love to do'?

Sleep is an absolute necessity, which no one can avoid for more than a few days.
Unless you want to become a danger to yourself and others.

As for 'not remembering sleep', that is certainly true.
But we feel, and remember, the acts of falling asleep and waking up.

Those could be called an alternate state of consciousness, and often a pleasant one at that.
Finally, there are dreams, which are something we do remember from our periods of sleep.

@Respectmyauthoriteh ur saying u don't like sleeping?

Whether we like it or not, we have to sleep.
Just the same as with breathing, eating, or visits to the bathroom.

I guess some long time ago, evolution decided to sugarcoat the inevitable for our mental well-being,
and made us enjoy eating and sleeping, ignore breathing, and don't mind bathroom brakes.

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