The US is no longer a Democratic Republic. amirite?

The Russians are NOT the problem.
Texas, just days before the primary, closed 542 polling stations. What's up with that? Voter suppression is a republican tactic.
Corporate dems are so afraid that Sanders will end their gravy train of corruption they are willing to destroy the democratic party to keep him from being elected. They would much rather have another 4 years of Trump. He keeps their wallets nice and fat.
Of course the environment is fucked and so is the working class.
I can't wait to see what kind of insanity they come up with after the guardrails come off.
The impeachment, so called, trial made it clear that the law no longer applies to the elite on both sides.

Not only are republicans against Sanders but Hilary Clinton doesn't like him at all which should make it clear to everyone he's the best choice for the job. Pelosi and Schumer don't like him either. That should even convince republicans.
Just like 2016 they're trying to steal the primary election from him and, if they do, it will likely end the democratic party because a very large group of people will never vote for or support a democrat again.
If republicans were smart they vote for Bernie too but they've had it drilled into them that his ideas are pie in the sky. Nothing could be farther from the truth. No, he's not a communist. He's not even a socialist. 30 years ago he would have been called a moderate republican. Don't let the establishment win again. Trump claims to be anti establishment but like most of his admin it's a lie. He's given corporations everything they wanted. He didn't drain the swamp he restocked it.

The fact is we don't live in a democratic republic.
The US is now a corporatocracy. A police state ruled by big business and Wall St
Fascism (lite) at it's finest.
Sanders is the ONLY candidate on either side who is not in the pocket of rich donors and possibly the last chance we have to save what's left of this country and the planet being destroyed for profit.
If you buy the establishment bullshit like "he'll turn us into Venezuela" or "he wants open borders" you are part of the problem. Please wake up.

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if USA is not a democratic republican anymore it is because of you batshit crazy democrats trying to block trump at every step and not letting him do his job

and sanders is a communist! stop lying

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