It has been made alarmingly apparent how fragile our societies really are and how little weight the governments have pulled in putting countermeasures in place. They've been too inadequate for too long. amirite?

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This post coulda been written about 911. I had to check to see when it was originally posted.

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“The world was already a miserable place in the spring of that cursed year. The New Depression was at its height. Stocks fell, jobs were lost, and consumer consumption fell in a corporate death spiral as the aging technoczars were revealed to have feet of clay. Financial institutions underreacted, the government overreacted, and a society living on borrowed time paid for with borrowed dollars failed. Hard times and hunger came to the Western world, which was all the more of a shock because the generation that survived the last financial collapse had virtually died out.”
E.E. Knight, Way of the Wolf (Vampire Earth #1)

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Damn if ya do, damed if ya don't... But yeah its like "dont quit your day job"

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