Killing hornets might be the only kind of murder that is justifiable. amirite?

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What about a child molester that's a repeat offender? I guess all people have feelings, and it's not the humane thing to do right? no send them all to the slaughterhouse 😂

Rapist, mosquitoes, other murderers wasp, pedophiles......yeah no OP

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What about mosquitoes?

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@What about mosquitoes?

came to say this

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Toads in Australia.

What about killing a serial killer who is about to kill again

Wasps are just angry all the time and they try to kill you first

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@MrSorry Spiders?

Spiders eat insects like mosquitos and even bees sometimes. Ive seen it.

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@skyrat01 Ok, spiders are good. I digress .

Theyre alright. They kinda know we know we need them so they come into our houses like

"Its me or them toots" *takes drag from a cigarette while nodding to the flies in its web

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Not if u grow vegetables hornets eat caterpillars

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