You want to be a multilingual speaker, amirite?

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Certainly yes.

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Love to be that!
Phạm Minh Cường

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Yeah, yeah, yeah

Phạm Minh Cường

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Of course Yeahhhhh


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Absolutely yes.


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Half the country is currently under lockdown orders of varying severity, driven by recommendations from the CDC to close schools, work from home, and avoid bars and restaurants, and maintain social distancing guidelines for at least 15 days. The slowdown has devastated the national economy, and some states and cities have gone even further in attempts to corral the disease.

Trump has so far been notorious for changing his mind, and he wasn’t definitive about an April 12 end to the national efforts to limit the virus’ spread. But that would be far earlier than most public health officials think is possible. Many medical experts believe the initial 15-day timeline will need to be extended to flatten the curve of coronavirus’ spread, to avoid a sudden surge that would overwhelm the hospitals.

As the interview wore on, Trump became more and more assertive about his plans to end the CDC’s guidelines to cut down on the spread of the disease.

After claiming early on in the interview that “you can destroy a country this way, by closing it down,” he used another new favorite line: "The cure can't be worse than the problem.”

Phạm Minh Cường

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Not really.
I would have to give up my crossword puzzles, in order to have time for that.

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