A glitch has turned every day into weekend. amirite?

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Glitch? More like a major invasive bug in the system that refuses to back down.

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@Competivepenguin2003 Please restart your computer

Wish there was only one to restart. Mainframe infected. All computers hooked into it need to shutdown. Not restart. Good to see lot of computers doing it already.

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It probably doesn't feel like much of a weekend for those people who are now without a paycheck. Or for those on the front lines, either in the hospitals or in grocery or food delivery.

It's not a weekend for people like me, who are working from home. It may sound great to work from home, but doing so leaves me without a lot of the physical resources and immediate feedback, making it an odd mix of pleasant and highly inconvenient.

Not for those of us that have jobs which allow us to work remotely. There is still a Monday through Friday.

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If every day is a weekend for you, then you need to be doing more to help out.

you know, i used to wish that every day was a weekend...

people usually enjoy weekends, I SURE AS HELL AM NOT

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