People that still think COVID-19 is a hoax need a tin foil hat. amirite?

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You don't seem to know how difficult it is, to get tin foil right now.

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people who think governments aren;t abusing their powers using this "crisis" and the lie of public safety to get it should TAKE A DANG HISTORY LESSON

@Explain the whole world shutting down then since no two governments are alike.

All while nobody claims to totally understand the virus.. These power grabbing ploys always act on a worst case scenario, but life is rarely worst case

@Toounknown Yes the governments agree, but the people dont

I hope you never have a loved one gasping to breathe on a ventilator only to die alone. You don't matter more than the rest of the world.

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@Toounknown Ive already lost many...have u???

If you lost someone this way then you are heartless to not want a quarantine.

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@Toounknown Ive already lost many...have u???

I jusr dont want to waste lives with the smoke and mirrors of politics and solve the real problem

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