A giraffe probably has no idea that a whale exists, amirite?

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Well if your mother has ever seen a giraffe at a safari than at least one giraffe knows whales exist

Until the corona... All these animals that would have never know about each other are meeting each other these days in zoos.

I love how people go around just making assumptions.

A giraffe isn't even aware it exists

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But a whale would definitely be aware of a giraffe

Humans may know they exist, but they do not understand what it is to be either. They have enough difficulty empathizing with each other, trying to imagine the consciousness of a whale, a bat, or a cat is very difficult.

Well maybe not a cat.

I'm sure a giraffe has seen your mom OP

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An entity that doesn't exist wouldn't know about a real animal, yes.

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They don't even understand the concept of existence.

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But your mom just went on a safari last year? Surely they would remember.

Tf is a giraffe?

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Hey man there is still species that I don't know of

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What about giraffes at zoos? Maybe they can see the whale exhibits with those long mythological necks

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Same with a lot of animals

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Stoopid long horses

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