Most kids believe the Black Market is physically located somewhere, amirite?

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I mean, technically it is. The guy I buy pineal glands from has to store them somewhere.

Are you sure about that?

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it is its hiding on the darkweb.

Some of them do, just not THE black market. I've visited the ones where literally anything is sold, from animals to weapons, to stolen goods. Not in Western Europe, mind you. And not because I wanted illegal stuff. It was just.. there. Mostly third world uncontrolled economy.

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Yeah kids are so dumb

so we are doing assumptions

I used to think it was in South America for some reason, I think it's because I watched the movie rio

The Underground Railroad was completely above ground

No, only you're that stupid

Some of it is on the darknet or dark web, but there are some sketchy parts of any larger city that could possibly be like some sort of black market. Some people recently told me you could get things like that anywhere, even in smaller towns and villages, but pardon my ignorance on that.

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Well I mean..

Koněvova 59 131 00 Prague Czech Republic

Is a real address.

Yeah usually it's right next to the flea market.

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Lmao... This dude thinks the black market doesn't have a physical location.

Believe me, a stranger on the internet; it is a place good sir.

Technically yes, each seller has there own little market of goods (tangible) that they only sell thru the deep web

it is but there is more than just one!

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well, most kids are dummies and would, if allowed, vote for the democrats

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I used to think that it was in like a dark alley with all these vendors set up selling illegal stuff

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Never heard that anyone believes that.

They're not?

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Dat be truuuuuu

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