It's crazy that the computer monitor has changed so much since 1990s, but the keyboard never changed. amirite?

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they are lazer keyboards and pressure sensitive keyboards

Well... seldom changed for the better at least.

Also... if you're on a phone, your keyboard is your monitor... 🤯

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Just in connectors, the keyboard has changed a lot. Then when you look at something like the Logitech G15/19 that have the LCD screens, and multiple G-keys, you see that keyboards are not the bland beige things of yesteryear.

The craziest part is that we still use the QWERTY keyboard, which was invented for typewriters in the 1870s. The logic behind it is separating often-used keys in order to prevent the typewriter from jamming.

If you compare a typewriter with a keyboard... it has changed plenty. But the format of the letters? There's no need to change that. It would be stupid. The monitor changed to be more practical in life, but a basic keyboard is good as it is.

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