Intelligent design is not science, amirite?

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Intelligent Design is not science.!

To date there is not one properly peer reviewed article published in a scientific journal that supports I.D. Nor is there any peer reviewed research or data. There are no testable hypotheses. There is nothing anywhere to support the belief that Intelligent Design is science. It is just another form of Creationism, a pseudoscience based on a belief that the universe and all life therein are best explained by an "intelligent cause" rather than a process like natural selection, (aka Darwin's Theory of Evolution).

And let's be very clear here...what they call an "intelligent cause" is the Christian God. Because Intelligent Design asserts there are repeated, direct, miraculous interventions from God, it is far more closely aligned with Evangelical Christianity than any branch of science. Most of the leading proponents of I.D. are conservative Christians. Many are young Earth creationists. The I.D. community has ideological, social, and financial ties to the ultra-conservative Christian Reconstruction movement. Phillip Johnson, a leader in the I.D. movement, routinely cites the Gospel of John as the basis for Intelligent Design but he also argues "the first thing that must be done is to get the Bible out of the discussion" to avoid having Intelligent Design seen "as just another way of packaging the Christian Evangelical message." But since that's exactly what it is, I.D. proponents needed to change the discussion.

They began to attack science as intolerant, dangerous and evil. In the pro-Intelligent Design documentary "Expelled; No Intelligence Allowed", the theory of evolution was cited as a contributing factor in fascism, the Holocaust, communism, eugenics, and atheism. They insist there is a conspiracy to keep God out of the laboratories and classrooms led by the secular, mainstream, scientific establishment. They claim I.D. proponents face discrimination and are being attacked on the internet. They argue that "scientism" is a religion that promotes secularism and materialism in an attempt to erase religion from public life. Rather than push to get Intelligent Design taught in public schools, they began to argue that schools should "teach the controversy" as a way to get I.D. into the classroom.

And on and on it goes...

Intelligent design is to science as finger painting is to art.

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