The world could be more peacefull if we progress faster in protections items than weapons, amirite?

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Weapons are protections items.

@Pokketts Weapons are protections items.

No. They don't when we were struggling to survive against wolf,bear and other predator they was. But now we have too many way to neutralize predator(human too)without kill so now weapons are just a way to comite homicide.

@Sybersonic I want a completly disarmed world.

Sadly, that will never, ever happen as long as mankind exists. There will always be people who want control, power, etc.

@Sybersonic I want a completly disarmed world.

Not going to happen ever. Even if it did what are you going to do when someone tries to rob you with a knife, baseball bat, hammer, or whatever other common place item that can be used as a weapon?

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