All boxing movies have the same plot. amirite?

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i mean...

it's the same sport

not the same plot ....

Maybe, maybe not but all those in a potter's field do

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Godzilla- The Rock and Dwayne Johnson are in it and they box over who gets to ride Godzilla, gotta say, they look pretty similar it can get pretty confusing

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like cast away

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There is always "the big fight scene". Usually the boxer is an underdog, or down on his luck, or has tragedy in his/her life, something sad.

Not a fan of boxing but there are some excellent films about boxing. Three of the best;

Rocky, Won the Oscar for Best Picture and Director. Nominated for Best Actor and Actress.

Million Dollar Baby, Won the Oscar for Best Picture and Actress, Nominated for Best Actor.

My favorite ; Raging Bull. Won the Oscar for Best Actor. Nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress. Best Cinematography. Shot beautifully in black and white.

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i couldn;t say ive only ever watch the rocky series

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