As a child, you were carried around regularly. One day you were put down, and never picked up again. amirite?

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Only when they put you into the grave

As a parent of two kids under 5, I needed this

Wrcknhvcs avatar Wrcknhvc Yeah You Are +6Reply

You'll be picked up to be put in a casket, or whatever the wishes are, one day. Or at the very least your body will be moved.

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Nah you just get picked up by a different daddy now

Bro im speechless

KilljoyXs avatar KilljoyX Yeah You Are +5Reply

I've been picked up a lot of times. Usually at PTA meetings or little league games.

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My wife picks me up

Anonymous +4Reply
@My wife picks me up

No, that's just me

Anonymous +6Reply
@No, that's just me

Shockedpikachu.jpeg YOU'RE NOT MY WIFE!


Never picked up again, YET

As a person under 5 feet tall, I'd just like to point out that this isn't true for everyone

MushySpotlols avatar MushySpotlol Yeah You Are +2Reply

You will be picked up again... once you die

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