With everyone wearing masks, life has probably gotten a lot tougher for deaf people. amirite?

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Naw, it's just a lot quieter.

Yup, absolutely :(

And for people like me who have a soft voice 😭

Everyone yells from 6ft away, "I cAnT HEAurrR yeuujj"

I am tired of repeating things 2-3 times lol I just eventually give up.

People blankly stare waiting for a response, but since they can't move any closer, it's kinda funny to watch their brains get conflicted xD

Yes you are correct. Where I work there are 3 team members who are hearing impaired. Reading lips is how they are able to do a majority of their work. While now everyone has to write it on paper they feel things take longer than before and worry they will fall behind on production

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