Being a cunt is much more socially acceptable than calling someone a cunt, amirite?

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Don't agree unless you change the first word to, having. Having a cunt is also far more sociably acceptable than being a cunt. Just like having a dick is much more acceptable than being a dick.

  • Not applicable in Australia or Scotland.

I find that Aussies (and to some extent, Brits) tend to throw the word "cunt" as a term of endearment.

Ever been outside of the US?

@Nick2005 Ever been outside of the US?

No, Karen, some of us have to work for a living instead of cunting our way around the world on comp status. Sheesh. s/

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The UK is casually cunting all over the place.

Gotta love that America-centric view point

Not in uk or aus

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Go to the upside down land please .

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USA land of hypocrisy

@KilljoyX USA land of hypocrisy

Yeah other countries haven't discovered it yet, we invented it

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@Sorry eh.

laughed at this one thanks.

@No trust me. In Canada you need to be polite.

Don't know what all this is aboot. But thank you for your manners. Fellow Canadian

Karen might disagree now.

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Not in the UK ya daft cunt

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Gotta go against the norm

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Depends where your from

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I think we like the term "Karen" now

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Some play the part way to well these days

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@We noticed.

Bless your heart if that was directed at me

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You find out who will the cunts are in your life around election times.

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nah its really not anywhere other than america

Millions of years of evolution and we end up talking about cunts.....

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