Up until they had children, Adam and Eve were the holders for every world record in existence. amirite?

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Up until Adam was robbed of a rib, he held them all.

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Records are oldfashioned

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Who are Adam and Eve?

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@Who are Adam and Eve?

That's a valid question. Many stumble on it. Peace.

Record for first children

But they didn't exist

@dankXD But they didn't exist

Actually, friend, Adam is the name for mankind. The bible is a bit misconstrued at this point. Genesis 5:2 states "...male and female he made them, and he called their name 'Adam' (adham, the word for mankind). Eve means "living one". Or, more loosely, the beginning of the living. Adam and eve being the names of two people should not really be the central point here, rather, the dawn of mankind. Thanks friend, peace.

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