Traditional institutions have no intrinsic worth. We must overcome the mistaken traditions of dead white men, amirite?

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maga. grab them by the pussy.

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"What is a traditional institution?" I'm not sure why no one bothered to google the term so they wouldn't embarrass themselves answering the post. ono smilie

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So, which tradition is a mistaken one, and which one isn't? Who decides that? I like many of the traditions of dead white men - Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

yeah curse those white men that made the vaccines your so dearly in love with, curse those evil white men who abolished slavery. cursed are the white men who defeated Hitler, curse then white men who invented electricity, lightbulbs, computers, etc etc, curse them all. SMH the idiocy of the left is mind boggling

replace white with black, curse traditions of africans right? or does that make me racist? you double standard hypocrite

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