Funny how corporations only care about mental health when business is on the line. amirite?

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You never worked for FedEx. First thing they did was acquire all the PPE they could get. Then they gave everybody a two dollar an hour hazard pay raise. Every day we're on the line to deliver peoples items they can't acquire because of the shutdown. That's what it means to be an essential worker. I get an email every day from one of the CEOs encouraging us and thanking us for our trouble and support with mental health. But that took place way before the pandemic. We are moving more volume than the best Christmas peak season with less people. I believe they call us the FedEx cooperation last time I checked.

I mean... corporations are a business. They only exist to make money. That's their mission, their main concern, their lifeblood, etc. Everything else a corporation says and does is just PR to boost sales/profits.

I think it's funny that anyone would expect more from a corporation than being a soulless cash machine.

funny how the government who shut us down now "cares" for our mental health, when they are the reason we are screwed

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