The "customer Is always right" rule was probably invented by a customer, amirite?

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Not on my watch..

Literally everyone is a customer

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This is so misunderstood. The customer is always right just means that business have to adapt to customers by selling things that customers want to buy, rather than selling things nobody wants and then blaming the customers. It has nothing to do with customer service.

And her name was Karen

Or a boss who delegates all customer interaction to employees.

One of the best restaurant managers I ever met said:
"The customer is not always right but it is making them realize they are wrong without upsetting them." is the important thing.

It means 'if the customer wants to pay for something, let them'

@Shiny244 It means 'if the customer wants to pay for something, let them'

"Customers (the "s" is important) are always right." would be more accurate.

And no doubt, that customer was wrong.

By a Karen.

"The customer is always right" is the mantra of Karens across the globe.

Back when I worked in a bar we had a sign that said "The customer is always right, but the bartender decides who is still a customer" and I think I like this full version more.

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It wasn't. It's a misused quote.

It is a massive misconception, and you're probably right.

An angry one for sure

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Clearly it was invented by Karen!

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