Racists, Ableists (people who make fun of disabled people), etc. that express their hurtful opinions publicly should be legally punished, amirite?

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No rotten people allowed !!

and who gets to decide whats racist these days? liberal law makers? 99% of the country would be in jail if that where the case. i mean look at how liberals reacted when people spoke against obama's policies, they foamed at the mouth crying racism.

Everyone's entitled to their opinion, and there will always be assholes. In a healthy society, the moral compass of the people themselves will know how to deal with those types, without the need of interference by laws. Laws are too vague and misinterpreted. But the people know an ass hole when they meet one. In short, no.

Legally punished by" an eye for an eye" sounds just...you can hurl slurs back

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