If you hired a hitman anonymously online and they got caught after completing the job, you'd never be found out. amirite?

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Also sure maybe they dont but thats assuming two things one you truly are anonymous and two that they actually are a hitman not an undercover cop plus lets say you hire one to kill your ex wife boom you are now a suspect so anyone you would want to kill would prob get you put on the list of suspects

I'm sure it has happened before, but you're thinking about this in a pretty technological way. There's a lot more to solving a crime than that. For instance, if you hired a hitman, we can safely assume you have a motive for wanting the victim dead. You become a suspect because of that. Add that to the fact that your bank account is suddenly drained of money because you just took out a ton to pay the hitman and any traceable communication you've had with the hitman as well as the very real possibility that the hitman will snitch to try to save him/herself and we are starting with a pretty good case against you. Now add in anything you might have said to friends or loved ones about wishing the victim dead or something. There are lots of ways to tie you to the crime. I'm not suggesting you're wrong and it can't be done; it can. But it isn't as simple as trying to anonymously hire someone online. All of this is also not even taking into consideration that law enforcement sets up sting operations online to catch people who are hiring hitmen and they also have informants who you may unwittingly contact and they could turn you in.

Yes, send me anonymously $100000 and i promise i will do the hit, instead of just taking your money and disappear

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