It's very disturbing that the history we learn isn't 100% true and many interesting moments have been hidden, covered up or changed completely to fit those who pass it down. amirite?

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I love history , but hate when people change it

I would consider it expected. Even under the best of circumstances, some of history would simply be lost, and our best attempts at reconstruction will always have limits.

History is written by the victors. Objective truth doesnt exist.

I wish people would take that more to heart.
So many people consider themself to have very differentiated opinions and yet they are barely anything but a perfect product of our times and would have also been so in the past.
Way to few people are critical of the past and the present and react way to willingly when told who to hate and who to trust.

Anyone who ever played the ‘secret' game, where a secret is whispered from person to person, can attest to at least part of this effect.

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How much of your own past have you changed with memory displacement whenever you recall it?

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I agree, but think about how hard it would be to write the truth about what is happening right now.

Is it though? Consider your life. Do you share everything with everyone, or do you structure a narrative that suits the persona you want to portray? History is essentially the same.

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