I'd like to know what would've happened to Phil Connors, had he forced himself to stay awake until 6:00a on the day after Groundhog Day. amirite?

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Needle nose Ned broke into his room at the bed and breakfast and beat him unconscious at 5:59. BING!!!

@AJQ1986 Ned the Head?

Shot him dead, just for some street cred.

@MS0410 Shot him dead, just for some street cred.


R̷̢̯̔͗͝ ̵̯̂Y̸͙̔͝ ̶͇́Ë̷̢͍̠́̆̅ ̸̰̜͗R̸̞̘̾̓̿ ̴̜̾̎S̷̘͠ ̴̲̗̌͂́Ó̶̪͗͗ ̵̫͎͈̔̊N̶̹̻̦̈́

if he suddenly found himself restarting Groundhog's Day would he sleepy or rested?

I actually just rewatched this movie, it's on Netflix. This was actually addressed, he said if he stays up all night, as soon as 6am hit he would wake up with the alarm. So even if he stayed up, he would wake up like every other day.

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