Why can't a young man, who is in shape no more wear these tight fitting shorts which were trendy in the 60's and 70's ?We used to call them «hot shorts» At 18 years old, when wearing them, I felt confident, empowered and sexy and especially proud of the bulge created around my pubes. I enjoyed all the freedom of movements with the full range of motion of the stretchy denim or corduroy material they were made, When I was sitting they scarcely covered my butt cheeks. Why these« hot shorts» or short shorts fell out of fashion in the 80's? They could make a come back, amirite?

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I don't understand what you mean? Who is Karens? please be more explicit,

Indeed, when I moved out and taught Latin in a private religious junior college, I could during the summer holidays wear these « hot shorts»as I liked, especially when I took summer classes for my M,A, degree and made researches in the university library.

Don't think Karens would approve.....

I have to reckon that some individuals were disturbed when some lads, seated in the city bus , were spreading their legs purposefully in «hot shorts» for every body to peep at their nuts. Some lads were showing a bulge around the pubes, It looked very sexy and exciting for them but sometimes very disturbing and an object of desire for the onlookers, There was a paradox here, My mom let me wear very short shorts at 14-15 but didn't accept that fashion of «hot shorts» at 20, If I am not mistaken, even at that age,I would have got one hell of a spanking with a switch if I had stubbornly persisted in wearing these «hot shorts» im commando ,especially when they were ripped and prefaded with holes in them!

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