Condoms destroy the purpose of sex, amirite?

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Yes, thats why by choice i have no children. Otherwise i would have about thirty of them with many different women.

I see that as a plus.

Yes. That's literally the point.

The are even animals who have sex for other reasons than to procreate.

So saying "the only reason for Sex is procreation" is false.

Enjoyment? Because agreed.

"Destroy" seems a bit hyperbolic.

Well, technically not. The purpose of sex is for the male to ejaculate. The purpose of him ejaculating is to impregnate. Yeah, that might be a stretch, but I'm sticking to it! :P

Condom is a raincoat

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We as humans did that when we figured out that sex feels good. Heathens.

Impregnation is not the only reason for sex.

Um..i thought the purpose was dinner or drinks

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