Free will doesn't exist, our actions are determined by our hedonistic egoism. When we choose to help others, we do so ultimately because of the personal gains that we ourselves expect to obtain, directly or indirectly, from so doing. amirite?

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I don't think this says anything one way or another about free will. You might more succinctly state your opinion as "Every social interaction is transactional". Definitely an argument to be made for that.

Maybe I'm just simple minded, but have to disagree. When I do something for someone, I don't do it expecting any kind of 'reward'. IMO, doing a 'good deed' for someone with some kind of expectation in return is self-serving.

that's not determinism it's just basic sociology

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@Hofito It's caused by a chain of events.

everything is caused by a chain of events. so what. what you're arguing is an idea called laplace's demon. which is a theory that works out well enough until you start to factor in things that happen due to no discernible cause, or quantum superpositions, or any other number of unexplainable physical phenomena that were not known at the time.

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