It's much more likely spiders crawl into the vagina of females who sleep naked than the mouth since it's a warm place actually intended to be hospitable. amirite?

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Good God. I wish I could un-imagine what I just imagined.

The vagina isnt usually just open for a tiny bug to crawl into. Also, a human mouth is pretty warm too

It's a myth that spiders crawl into your mouth. They don't want to get that close to humans even when we are sleeping. They probably don't crawl into anyone's vagina, either. It would take a certain amount of strength to push through that they don't have.

Pretty acidic in there for creatures who breath thru holes in their carapace.

You never met my ex wife.

Spiders do not possess the strength to pry labia apart, whereas people do actually sleep with their mouth open sometimes leaving an actual hole.

And 'intended to be hospitable' is a dumb turn of phrase.

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