If you wear a facemask in the car, no one can tell that you're singing. amirite?

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I'm in line at the local pharmacy the other day and I'm mindlessly singing along to the song playing in the store (with my mask on). The woman in front of me keeps looking around and staring at me. She finally asked me if I'm singing along! I said uh, yep. She said she couldn't tell if she was hearing things or if she heard a second voice. Made me chuckle for sure.

Isn't this a Pro Life Tip?

It just looks like I'm dancing now.

What about the person in the car with you?

Nlphbtsmss avatar Nlphbtsms Yeah You Are +2Reply

Ha, joke's on you -- I drive a convertible!

I bless the rains down in AAAAAAAAAAAA-FRI-CAAAAAAA!

And if you wear gloves no one can tell you're jerking off.

Let them see

Yeah, but the impromptu drum solos always gives me away.

Hey me making a jackass of myself while singing in my car might brighten someone else's day, it sure does it for me!

You guys care if you're seen? Lol

Also you're a complete squid.

Then it just looks like I'm staring at people and not singing to them

this is a good life pro tip

freq432s avatar freq432 Yeah You Are +1Reply

I enjoy having to wear a mask at work just because I can dip and no one knows

Unless they hear you.

Rockdude5890s avatar Rockdude5890 Yeah You Are 0Reply

You don't sing with just your face though

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