Yoda and Obi-Wan frequently visited Luke as Force Ghosts, but Anakin never did even though he was his father. amirite?

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we don't know that Anakin didn't, though I do deeply wish we had seen it

I mean, he did kind of show up at the end of Episode 6 w/ Yoda and Obi-Wan...not sure if that was just after remastering but A for effort

@Edgycorner Thats the only time tho, and he didn't actually interact like Yoda or Obi-Wan

Anakin wasn't dead till the end of ROTJ, so he couldn't really visit before. By the time we get to FTA, Luke's cut himself off from the Force till TLJ. After that, Luke can visit Anakin. Not sure if it's in any of the novels, comics, etc, but agree it would be interest to see that interaction between end of ROTJ and whenever Luke cuts himself off from the Force.

I don't suppose you can say never as the movies glanced over 25 years that happened between episodes 6 and 7. Luke doesn't mention it one way or the other if he's spoken with his father's ghost. I suppose the writers figured it didn't need mentioning since it was supposed to be Rey's story. There have been books written where Anakin reached out to Luke and Leia as a force ghost. But I believe the only time we hear him speak as one in the movies is in Episode 9. With no info aside from him having the ability I'm assuming he did talk to Luke but whatever they chatted about simply wasn't plot worthy, lol.

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