Hunger Games was probably inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, amirite?

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Care to elaborate?...this I'd like to hear

@MS0410 Care to elaborate?...this I'd like to hear

So you pick a bunch of kids by keeping a randomised ticket linked to "food", and your chances of getting picked depend on how much "food" you take.

Next, you put them in an enclosure that is quite well controlled. They then slowly go through the establishment, slowly one by one they get knocked off.

Last man standing gets fame, special status, and aforementioned "food" for a lifetime

Maaaaan. I like the effort, but no. Check out book/movie Battle Royale by Koushun Takami and we can talk then.

@The-Merciless-Potato I'll definitely do this! Thanks for the suggestion!

Of all these... ready player one ,seems the most like the battles we will face for food in the future... Digital battles ..no more then games, for survival

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Hold on they have a point

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